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As a Motorcoach operator you are responsible to comply with U.S. Copyright Laws. The law states that regardless of whether a Motorcoach company, the chartering group or the passengers provide and show a movie, the Motorcoach company must license the movie.

Obtaining a legal license to show movies is affordable and can save you thousands of dollars in potential fines. We offer two types of coverage:

  • Fleet Licensing Service
    Allows coaches to legally exhibit movies that are borrowed, rented or purchased from any legal source.
  • Leasing Plan / Studio Edited Movies
    Allows coaches to choose from over 6,000 titles, including studio-edited versions to assure appropriate content. Available exclusively from Motorcoach Movies for only $25 per title per month.

Provide a fun and relaxing environment for your passengers with programming that is easy and cost effective. Movies provide entertainment for all ages and Motorcoach Movies makes it easy with edited titles and fun, creative programming ideas.

Get on-board with copyright compliance. Contact us today!

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